" ... we have erased ten to twenty years off the aging process
... fat diminished and muscle tissue increased."
Daniel Rudman, M.D.; The New England Journal of Medicine, July 5, 1990, Vol. 323

   Our program follows a protocol designed for the physician to oversee patient safety and evaluate treatment outcomes. Our study protocol has been approved by an Independent Study Review Board which acts on behalf of the FDA to ensure study compliance with regulatory laws and guidelines, and complies with standards for good medical practices.

    The program is custom tailored to our client's specific and unique metabolism. We use rGH which is identical to natural HGH, a complex and delicate 191 amino acid hormone, but is produced in a lab. It is combined with other hormones, when needed, such as thyroid, estrogen, and progesterone, for your specific metabolic profile. This profile is the result of a mandatory pre-program and progressively scheduled health screening, covering physiological, metabolic, and personal mental health. As this study is not funded through research grants or pharmaceutical trials, and is not covered under most insurances due to its nature (part of exams may be covered), costs vary and are determined at the onset of the study.

    Understand that over the counter HGH supplements have no FDA accepted data demonstrating their effectiveness or safety. The empirical data they site is most of from Dr. Daniel Rudman's landmark study in 1990 using HGH injections and cannot be applied to supplements, tablets, or oral drops. Most claims in these advertisements are unsubstantiated and not all the results will apply to everyone. As always the caveat applies, "Buyer beware!", especial when it involves your life.

The following is a summary from Dr. Rudman's study and international study literature:
        --> 15% increase in skeletal muscle mass over six months
        --> 10% increase in skin thickness
        --> Dramatic reductions in bad cholesterol, and increases in HDL cholesterol
        --> Increase in bone density and mass
        --> Increase in ability to cope with stress and anxiety, sleep, and well being
        --> Documented benefits for treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (international study literature)
        --> Decrease in joint dysfunctions and muscular/skeletal diseases
        --> Dramatic increase in endurance and stamina
        --> Increased libido and sexual function

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