Corrective Knee Surgery
      In collaboration with Dr. Stien of Fountain Valley, CA, they are performing specialize repair and reconstructive knee surgery using the latest on laser techniques. The procedure involves opening up the knee and surgically removing the damaged bone surface, and then cutting an exact shaped piece from a cadaver and inserting it into the original bone. This bring the joint back to its original function.

Humane Growth Hormone (HGH)
    Our program follows a protocol designed for the physician to oversee patient safety and evaluate treatment outcomes. Our study protocol has been approved by an Independent Study Review Board which acts on behalf of the FDA to ensure study compliance with regulatory laws and guidelines.
      We use injections of rGH which is identical to natural HGH, a complex 191 amino acid hormone, and is combined with other hormones to balance the growth affect on the whole body. This balance is determined based on the results of a mandatory pre-program and progressively scheduled health exam. As this study is not funded through research grants or pharmaceutical trials, nor is it covered by most insurance companies (part of exams may be covered), patient costs are determined at the time of acceptance to the study. (See Hormone Therapy to the left.)

Alzheimer's Neurosurgery
    This is an investigative laser based neurosurgery isolating and severing those processing areas that interfere with written and verbal response. The premise of this study is that Alzheimer patients in late Level 2 or early level show brain activity in the appropriate occipital and cerebral and temporal areas for understanding and processing stimuli, but fail to connect response with communication areas of the brain. The study has be able to limit further progression of the disorder. Though present findings are not conclusive, but results have proved promising.

* Note: all studies are under the supervision of the Institutional Review Board and all work is either patient, grant, or endowment funded. None of these procedures are FDA approved.